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Posted by Anderson on Apr 7, 2017

Why School Bus Accidents Happen

Why School Bus Accidents Happen

You entrust your child to the school bus driver, but there are instances where school bus accidents may happen, potentially injuring your child. According to the website, those who have a child that has been hurt because of someone else may get compensation for the damages and the rehabilitative costs. But how do school bus accidents happen, exactly?

School Bus Driver Error or Negligence

Many school bus accidents occur because of the driver’s fault. This fault can be a legitimate error, but there are times where this fault is an act of negligence. Examples of negligent acts include distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, driving while fatigued, and driving while under the influence of drugs.

These negligent acts compromise the driving skills of the school bus driver. Compromised driving skills mean that your child’s safety is also at risk.

Error or Negligence of Another Motorist

Traffic is a two-way street. Even though the school bus driver is incredibly diligent, the school bus can still be involved in a road accident because of other drivers. These drivers may have the tendency to do the negligent acts listed above. This is especially true if they are driving alone and have no other liability in their vehicles.

Error or Negligence of a Pedestrian

A school bus colliding with a pedestrian can sustain less damage compared to colliding with a car, but the sudden jolt of the collision or the sudden stopping of the bus to avoid collision can endanger the children passengers.

Many pedestrian accidents happen because of right-of-way issues, where pedestrians cross the road even though they do not have the green light, on spots where there are no crosswalks, or on spots where they are not clearly visible.

Bus Company or Manufacturer Carelessness

The bus company should be responsible enough to maintain the buses, so these buses are always in optimal condition and have minimal chances of having mechanical defects that can potentially lead to accidents and injuries. The manufacturer of the mechanical parts should also be responsible on the products that they put into the bus. The most vulnerable parts of a bus include the brake system and tires.

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