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Facts About BP Claim Appeals

The BP oil spill wreaked havoc on the gulf coast a little bit less than five years ago, and despite the efforts spent cleaning it up, some people and local business are still experiencing its lasting effects. Many people are being compensated for the financial burden caused by the oil spill, but according to the website of the BP claim appeal lawyers at Williams Kherkher, BP oftentimes appeals these claims to avoid paying their hefty price tag. This is bad news for small business owners, because a lot of them were hit so hard due to the spill that their compensation is their only hope of truly reviving their business. BP typically even chooses to challenge the most deserving people’s claims because they tend to be the most expensive. Unfortunately, BP wins three out of four of their claims appeals. This, however, does not mean that fighting for your well deserved compensation is a lost cause. It just means that the majority of people either did not bother fighting or did not know how to go about it correctly. The first step to successfully overturning a BP appeal is to respond with a proposal as soon as possible. If you do not respond within 14 days, it is very likely that you will not be able to fight the appeal. Additionally, it would be extremely beneficial to hire a lawyer. BP has a strong legal team that can easily beat someone in a case if they do not have a vast amount of legal knowledge and experience on their side. The entire case is determined by submission, meaning you do not have to sit through a trial in which you have to spend a significant amount of time away from work just to watch lawyers spend the whole time speaking legal jargon. Fighting a BP appeal is a relatively...
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