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Most Vulnerable Motorists

Everybody is vulnerable in the road – car drivers and passengers, truckers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and even pedestrians. But at least car and truck operators have something to absorb the impact of a collision. We cannot say the same for motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. A single mistake in traffic can be very fatal for motorcyclists. Among the most vulnerable motorists, they are the ones who are going fast enough for them to fail reacting to unexpected events on the road, controlling their motorcycles, and preventing collisions. Motorcyclists are not wrapped by metal, so they will most likely absorb the full force of the impact. According to an informative article from the website of a Tucson injury lawyer, motorcycle accidents occur because of many reasons, like drunken driving, driver error, roadway defects, and vehicular malfunction. It is safe to say that negligence and recklessness play a huge role here. It is much worse if the negligent or reckless party is not the motorcyclist, because the motorcyclist can still sustain more serious injuries even if the accident is not his fault. Pedestrians also don’t have any protections around them. Their only defenses against collisions are crosswalks and sidewalks. But again, it only takes a negligent and reckless party to go through the crosswalk without yielding to pedestrians or jump through the curb and strike innocent bystanders in the sidewalk. There are even cases where people waiting in bus stops become victims of negligence and recklessness in the road. Bicyclists also don’t have much protection in the road. They are basically pieces of meat in bike lanes, waiting for drunk drivers, speeding drivers, and drivers who don’t follow traffic rules to strike them. Bicycle accidents can cause serious injuries, or maybe even death. It is important to note that not all motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents are caused by an opposing...
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Why Do Some Cars Fail An Emissions Test?

Failing an emissions test can be frustrating. It can cost you not just time, but also resources in getting things fixed. That’s why people are so driven to find the car that matches power with eco-friendliness. Some Volkswagen cars, for instance, promise the power a diesel engine can give while giving off fewer pollutants that may harm the environment. But, according to the website of lawyers of The Driscoll Firm, the auto company has just recently been involved in an emission fraud controversy that sent ripples throughout the global car economy. According the firm’s website, Volkswagen was found to deliberately sell cars equipped with software designed to defeat emissions test. But why do cars fail an emissions test in the first place? Here are just some of the many reasons: You have leaky injectors For gasoline engines, an air injector system introduces air to the compression chamber in conjunction with the gasoline. This air-gasoline mixture will then be compressed and ignited to create combustion gases that would push the piston down. If the intake valve that injects air into the chamber is faulty, chances are you will have a rich fuel mixture. This richness may result in higher levels of unburned fuel, causing your car to fail the test. You have a faulty air injection system Air injection system, commonly known as a smog or pollution pump, was introduced in 1966 as a strategy to control vehicle emissions. It works by injecting fresh air into the exhaust manifold or exhaust ports. The oxygen introduced in the engine’s exhaust system will continue to burn (or more scientifically, oxidize) the unburned and partially burned fuel as it passes through the exhaust and into the tailpipe. As a result, less unburned fuel goes out of your car, and you are more likely to pass the emissions test. You have defective spark plugs...
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How to React After a Car Accident

The website of a Columbia personal injury lawyer says challenges that come with a car accident can be overwhelming. Sometimes after experiencing something that traumatic, it is best to take the rest of the day to relax. Here are some suggestions about how to wind-down after an accident. Buy yourself your favorite food. People eat large amounts of ice cream after a breakup because for whatever reason it is therapeutic. If chocolate cake reminds you of your pleasant childhood, eat away. If a bacon cheeseburger makes you feel whole again, go for it. Do not worry about calories on the day your life flashed in front of your eyes. Listen to mellow music. Your body needs to release as much tension as possible, and your music choices can either help or hinder this. Save the Black Sabbath for tomorrow, cause after a long day you need some Norah Jones. Do some light stretching. Yoga level stretching is not necessary and may leave you feeling even more sore in the morning, but a few trunk twists and toe touches will do wonders to relieve tension. Most dancers and athletes do this before bed after heavy training days to avoid later soreness. Call or spend time with a loved one. The website of the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter says that no one should have to deal with a traumatic experience like a car accident on their own. Vent to your loved one and then let the conversation trail off to positive things going on in both of your lives. Make sure whoever you choose to reach out to is someone you have a healthy relationship with. Any sort of stress in a time like this is not a good idea. Finally, get plenty of sleep. A car accident can take a lot out of someone, so make sure to...
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Explaining Driver Errors

Car accidents can happen for a variety of different reasons. Many times they are the fault of driver error. The website of Chicago car accident lawyers says that driver error is caused by mostly negligence and carelessness. Here are some specific instances where car accidents are caused by driver error. Even if a driver is cautious about changing lanes, if they do not have their turn signal on, they have committed a driver error. Failure to use turn signals not only breaks the rules of the road, but also breaks the trust between drivers. If the driver is focusing their attention – especially if that attention involves their eyes or hands – on anything other than the road, they are committing a driver error. This includes messing with the radio, doing anything on a cell phone, or glancing over at a friend. Multitasking is difficult to do effectively, and is especially difficult when it comes to a task that requires as much concentration as driving. Just because blind spots exist does not mean drivers can use them as an excuse to change lanes at inappropriate times. If anything, the knowledge that blind spots exist should inspire drivers to be extra careful when making any rash moves on the road. Failure to do so is considered a driver error. Law firm Habush Habush & Rottier says on its website that millions of people are hurt in car accidents each year. This number could be significantly lower if more people made a commitment to road safety. Most people are guilty of committing a driver error, and because a lot of the time they are safe in doing so, they assume that this will always be the case. However, there are instances every day that prove this mindset wrong. Do your part to keep car accidents down by consciously making an effort...
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